These are just a few conditions that hinder busy professionals just like YOU from giving the full passion and dedication that’s needed to build a successful EMPIRE!

As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, I too struggled with putting my business over my health.

I was the king of a 3am emails. I would put in a good 12 hours of work/ 6 days a week. I didn’t know how to shut myself/business off. The role of entrepreneur was literally killing me.

After many stressed out days, sleepless nights and a trip to the emergency room. My driven nature to succeed got me to the point of complete physical & mental BURNOUT.

I was constantly tired, stressed, and just not feeling good. Combined that with doubts about my competence and value as an entrepreneur. I just didn’t know where my life and business belonged in this fast paced society.

Trying to live a one-sided WORK ONLY lifestyle is why so many “Successful” people are not happy, or not nearly as happy as they should be.

As with most things in life, moderation is the key. People who are constantly tied to their jobs commonly deal with stress and burnout.

An overworked entrepreneur is more likely to suffer health problems, be less efficient, less sociable, and overall more difficult to work with than their healthy counterparts. This reflects in their bank accounts!

Beyond health issues, however, is the fact that many entrepreneurs simply want to spend more time with their family.

After all, most of us started our own businesses to escape the rat race and create our own reality—one that includes determining their own schedule and spending ample time doing the things they love.


As a High Performance Health Coach, I use TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help driven entrepreneurs who suffer from Stress, fatigue and pain. Achieve work/life balance and regain the energy to live life with Confidence and Vigor!

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