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“The stretches and exercises Mike taught me has made a huge difference in my low back”
“I tried this program for the initial 30 days and I was blown away.”
“I have learned so much about how to take care of my body and live pain free.”

Exercises You Can Do Literally Anywhere

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Always on the go with no gym in sight? Try this exercises to correct posture and give you nice, toned shoulders and arms.

When doing the seated row with a resistance band, it’s important to sit up straight — to get the most benefit from this back strengthening move and to avoid injuring your back.

Step 1

Assume start position as shown by sitting on floor and wrapping tube around feet. Make sure to sit up as straight as possible.

Step 2

Bend at elbows and pull band toward body.
Step 3

Squeeze shoulder blades

Step 4
Return to start position

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Why your smartphone is a pain in your neck

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Chances are you’re reading this while leaning over a table or slumped back in a chair. Your head is tilted forward; your shoulders are curved.
If you’re on a mobile device, your arms are bent by your side and your back hunch is even more profound.
Am I right?
The position you’re in is probably causing you pain, whether you’re aware of it yet or not. Don’t worry, physical therapists have a diagnosis for the headaches, neck cricks, and achy shoulders. They call it “Text Neck.”

Want to find out how you to can ease “tech neck” pain? Want to know the secrets of eliminating “tech neck?” Find out how:

Prevent Crossfit injuries by doing these stretches.

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Prevent Crossfit injuries by doing these stretches.

If you’ve spent any time doing CrossFit, then you know how high-intensity and high-impact it can be. As a rule, CrossFit is a mix between calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, and requires a lot of different movements that incorporate weights, barbells, jump rope, and a host of other exercises and aerobics mixed into one brand.
Because the exercises are intense and require a full body of motion, there are injuries that can occur, even if you’re in incredible shape. The majority of injuries caused from working out is linked to a lack of proper stretching and preparing your body for strenuous exercises.
The reality is, stretching before exercise is just as important, if not, more so important than the exercise itself. You must make an effort to include stretching into your workout regime or you risk becoming injured. The two main reasons why CrossFit can cause an injury: the muscles don’t fire as they should or the user has improper joint mechanics.

In laymen’s terms: if you get hurt doing CrossFit (or doing a variety of other exercises), it’s’ due to a lack of free range of motion and your body wasn’t prepared for the repetition and/or weight you threw at it. Let’s take a look at different stretches you should do before taking on CrossFit to prevent injuries and setting back your workout routine.

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Stretch with the Stability Ball

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Stretch with the Stability Ball

Super All-round Stretching with the stability ball (swiss ball, yoga ball or fitness ball)

These relaxing stretches use a stability ball to target all the muscles of the body with unique and sometimes challenging exercises. Open up your hips, chest, and back while building balance and stability with these relaxing moves.

After your workout or when your muscles are warm, perform each exercise as shown for at least 1 rep, holding each stretch for 15-30 seconds.
For more flexibility benefits, do this workout 3 times a week, performing each exercise 2-3 times.
Relax into each stretch and avoid bouncing or straining.
Skip any exercises that cause pain or discomfort