Tighten core, cinch waist and regain energy. No matter when you had your kids!

Transform your core in just a few minutes a week. No gym required!

Welcome to Core Class

"No More Post Pregnancy Pooch. Thanks, Mike"

My second pregnancy took a toll on my mid section. I wanted this post-pregnancy pooch” gone. I was able to snap my tummy back in 8 weeks and my low back, hip pain were gone. I never felt I had help until now! Lannie Brooks, Atlanta, Ga


When you're pregnant, your stomach stretches to accommodate baby growing inside of you. Your stomach will stretch where there is least resistance. Which is usually right down the middle. In some cases, the fitter or harder your abs were before pregnancy, actually can make it more difficult to get your core to "snap back!"

Every woman wants a great looking post baby, no exceptions. But, 9 times out of 10. You've probably been going at it the wrong way.

After trying other core training programs and not seeing the results I wanted, I was skeptical that core class program would be any different. But my belly has shrunk and I’m finally beginning to see muscle. I even sleep better, feel less stressed and have less low back pain.

Mike's online presence and support is amazing and I think that is the best part of this program. It’s awesome to be able to post videos to the Facebook group and have Mike correct your form, it’s like having your own personal trainer! Jessica Wimbley Bangkok, Thailand

Say Goodbye to Long, Exhausting Exercises

Hey Moms, what if I told you there was a clinically proven approach to flattening your tummy in just a few minutes per week and it's accessible on your smartphone?
With Core Class, you'll have access to workout routines that will fire up ultimate belly fat burn with gentle, yet effective core exercises and stretching to give you a taller, and more toned appearance. 
You don’t need ridiculously hard workouts (sorry Crossfit!) to get the core you want. All you need is yourself and a few minutes per week. 
No hour-long exercises, no heavy weights, and no impact on your joints. Just an easy way to safely tighten your core and cinch your waist!
Yes, Enroll Me in Core Class

Time For Core Class

Core class is a 30 Day online program that you can access via an app on your smart phone. This core correcting program will teach you everything you need to know about your core and how to keep it flat and firm for life! 

Taught by Health Coach, Mike Jones. Who has over a decade worth of experience in physical therapy working with busy moms who are looking to tighten their core, cinch waist and end low back pain. No matter when they had their kids.

His highly effective, low impact core training programs has finally made it possibly for busy moms to get post-pregnancy ready in just minutes a week!

I Don't Have Time....

Core class just requires a few minutes a week for you to get that cinched waist so you can look and feel better than before kids.

You will be able to access your low impact body weight exercises via an app on your smart phone. So you can have this body transforming training program right at your finger tips. 

No Gym Required

Your body is the most dynamic piece of exercise equipment that you will ever need. No hour-long exercises, no heavy weights, and no impact on your joints. Core classes gentle exercises are easy, amazingly effective way to firm up your tummy and stay in shape!

Your 30 Day All-Access Package Includes

  • Weekly workouts demonstrated in HD video. Delivered to your smart phone
  • Personal help from your Health Coach, Mike in the private facebook group
  • Unlimited in app messaging and support
  • Personal Online Fitness Tracker
  • Flat belly nutrition tips
  • Monthly live workshop to help keep your core tight
  • Motivation and inspiration all month long
  • Piece of mind you're finally doing the right thing (priceless)

How much is your Self Confidence Worth?

Deciding to have surgery is a personal choice and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s some information to help you:

Tummy Tuck

  • Costs $4,800-6,500 
  • 3-6 months recovery time
  • Scars are long and permanent
  • No heavy lifting / can’t pick up baby
  • Risk factors may be life-threatening (blood clots, thrombosis, cardiac, pulmonary complications, infection)

Core Class

  • Costs only $29
  • 1000% safe
  • No recovery time or scaring
  • Become stronger
  • Look better in your clothes
  • Be more confident

It’s important to note that even if you do have surgery, a tummy tuck can’t strengthen your core or address the deeper causes of weakness. You will STILL NEED the strategies in Core Class to get the strong and sexy core you want!

Get Started Now

“I’m a mom of 5 ages 7, 5, 3 (almost 4), 2, and 9 months. I have my hands full and I love it. I have had c-section with all of my kids too, so I’ve got some abdominal issues. I am SO HAPPY I found Mike when I did.

I feel so powerful in my body now, it’s strong, beautiful and fully functioning after giving birth to 5 BABIES. It’s all thanks to hard work, Mike, and his Core Class!”

Janet McPherson
Janet McPherson Bangkok, Thailand

I'm not going to even lie. I was fat and I knew I had to make a change for my kids. I couldn't afford a personal trainer. But I knew I needed that extra push. A friend of mine told me about Mike's program.

I trained hard for 7 months and look at me now. I'm feeling myself. I forgot what it felt like to feel confident!

Krissy Nunoz
Krissy Nunoz Salt Lake City, Utah

I started the program after having my second baby and suffering from a very weak pelvic floor & low back pain. I have thoroughly enjoyed the varied exercises each week & have seen a huge difference in my core strength.

Dominique Williams
Dominique Williams Virginia Beach, Virginia

I had the opposite problem of most women. I'm naturally thin but more core has always been so weak. Never stood up straight or had any type of muscle tone. After my 3rd daughter I had to do something.

I always had a tummy on my thin body. So, I decided to try the initial first 30 days of core class. I absolutely loved the exercises and support. I decided to continue with 1-2-1 online training with Mike. I can finally wear tight tops again. Nothing better than knowing your stomach is not rolled over your jeans when you're seated. I'm so happy!

Jamie Wong
Jamie Wong Alberta, Canada

Moms, there is help out there

Mike, you are the man!!!  I had terrible posture, low back pain and weak core after having my twins. With the stretches and exercises Mike taught me, and paying more attention to my posture, has made a huge difference.

So I wanted to say thank you! I saw many healthcare professionals about my core and possible Diastasis Recti  condition. But you have been the best.

I’ll do my best to stick with what you taught me. Again, thank you! You’ve helped me tremendously. Justine Burley Boulder, Colorado

Warning...Side effects of Core Class Training

  • Look better in your clothes
  • No more popping Motrin to alleviate back pain
  • More confidence
  • Smaller waist (hello sexy black dress)
  • More energy so you can juggle whatever life throws your way
  • Improved mood
  • Improved posture

Join Core Class Today Only for $29 

Everyday you're not a member of core class is a day you're not getting into the best shape of your life. For less than a dollar a day you will FINALLY get that toned midsection you always wanted!