Are You Stiff, Sore and Slow?

Discover how you can increase your mobility, end chronic pain and get your confidence back with the 30 Day Fit & Functional Challenge

If you’re waking up stiff as a board, tired, and in pain. This is a clear indication that Pain, Stress, and Fatigue has taken its toll on your mind and body.

Leaving you weak, and feeling less than confident in your daily performance.

If this is YOU. I have good news. But first, let’s face it; your current physical condition is not where you envisioned it would be at this point in your life.

You never thought you would:

Feel 20 years older than you are

Be too tired to keep up with your friends & family

Be hunched over like an old man

Lose confidence in the way you look and feel

You know deep down inside this is not YOU.  This is not the man who was able to take the day by storm. Completing all tasks that lay before him and still have enough energy in the evenings to spend time with loved ones (priceless).

When you’re trying to improve your current physical condition by eating foods that leave you hungry and doing exercises that can further injure you. You’ll have ZERO chance of getting your body and confidence back!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying kick your feet up and eat Krispy Kreme all day. Food and exercise DO play a key role in your physical recovery.

The most important components to achieving and maintaining this new way of living are: BUILDING HEALTHY HABITS & HAVING SUPPORT!

It’s clinically proven, that having a customized GAME PLAN that:

Offers a support system

Unique to your condition

Makes you feel more at ease with eating and exercise

Fits into your hectic schedule

Here’s Good…No, GREAT News…


I have put together a program called, The 30 Day Fit & Functional Challenge. This 30-day program we put you on the FAST TRACK to the Fit, Strong, and Confident Club.

I provide this with a support structure that’s clinically proven to work!

But, before I tell you more about the 30-Day Fit & Functional Challenge. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Michael Jones and I’m a Health Coach & Author who helps busy professionals with pain, stress, and fatigue.

I’ve worked in Physical Therapy and Rehab for over a decade as a Massage Therapist and PTA. Helping people dealing with chronic pain, injury, and office syndrome.

I put this challenge together to make it easily accessible for men, just like YOU. Who suffer from fatigue, chronic pain, and limited mobility. 

To adopt a more PHYSICAL lifestyle that will ensure them more energy, less pain and to finally be able to touch their toes!

I’ve tested and refined this program for over 5 years making sure it gives you the results you desire.

This clinically proven combination of exercise, nutrition, and stress management are used to reignite your body, boost your confidence and physical endurance.

Winfried Sanders, Bangkok, Thailand

I started working with Mike three months ago. I decided to give the Fit & Functional Challenge a try. I knew of his back ground in Physical Therapy/Rehab and that’s what I needed. I had ACL surgery a few months back and couldn't apply any pressure on my knee knee.
Now, I’m pressing 80lbs!!! Thanks Mike...the hard work and determination paying off!

Winfried Sanders, Bangkok, ThailandI started working with Mike three months ago. I decided to give the Fit & Functional Challenge a try. I knew of his back ground in Physical Therapy/Rehab and that’s what I needed. I had ACL surgery a few months back and couldn't apply any pressure on my knee knee. Now, I’m pressing 80lbs!!! Thanks Mike...the hard work and determination paying off!

During the Fit & Functional Challenge, We’ll Focus On One Key Strategy Each Week:

Week 1:  Learn how to eat- this may sound funny. But many of us don’t know what or how to eat to get us to our health goals. This lesson alone will be a game changer so you can take your health to the next level.

Week 2: Fit & Functional-  You don’t have to spend hours at the gym. All these kick ass exercises can be done at home, gym and fit into any busy professionals schedule.

Week 3: Managing Stress – Time to become STRESS HARDY so you can leave stress and anxiety at the door.

Week 4: How to sustain your new Fit & Functional lifestyle.

We will connect the dots and form a plan that is easy to follow and will have you feeling in control after day 1! You can regain your confidence, without the pills, powders and ridiculously high costs.


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How It Works

Since The Challenge Is Online, You Can Participate No Matter Where You Live!


Once you sign up, you’ll receive:

1. One email each week with that week’s challenge strategy (4 weeks in total)

2. 30 Day meal plan (3 meals/2 snacks). This 30 day no brainer meal plan is filled with fast, nutritious and simple to prepare recipes that are hardy and delicious.

3. A Grocery Shopping Guide to help you easily navigate healthy food choices.

4. You will have access to tons of instructional tools (PDF’s, videos, and recordings) that you can access on your computer or smartphone!

5. Fit & Functional Workout: These posture perfecting 30min exercises that give you that long, lean, confident athletic build you always wanted or once had.

6. Access to the Fit & Functional Facebook group for SUPPORT, INSPIRATION, and MOTIVATION.

7. 4 Simple, but effective strategies to get you on the road to reaching your goals (no quick-fix tricks or gimmicks – we know those don’t work!).

8. The piece of mind that you’re finally doing the RIGHT thing to get your LIFESTYLE in order.


Fit & Functional Smoothie recipe guide.

Fit & Functional E-book.

Post Workout Stretch Routine-Reduce inflammation and increase mobility in minutes.

Fit & Functional Workout Guide-Keep track of your workouts and progress.

30min coaching call to be used anytime during your challenge.

Don’t worry….I got your back! The 30-Day Fit & Functional Challenge is a no-nonsense customized program that will help you to regain your confidence and re-energize your life!

I could not do this when I started with the amazing Michael Jones. His Fit and Functional program has really opened my eyes to the full potential of my body. I had a stiff, sore back and constantly woke up in pain. I tried this program for the initial 30 days and I was blown away. Now, I’ve been working with Mike for over 8 months now and I have never felt better in my life. I love to exercise, stretch, eat healthfully and live a Fit & Functional lifestyle. THANKS, MIKE!!! Gerry Hallen, 65 years young!

This 30-day program is for you if:

Lost confidence in yourself

Looking for support to build healthy habits

Recovering from injury or surgery

Have poor posture

Tired of dealing with neck, back and shoulder pain

Limited mobility (can’t touch your toes)

Under heavy stress

Low libido

Looking for a program that is easy to follow and will fit into your hectic schedule

This program is valued at over $400, but you can join for only…..

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Are you willing to continue one more hour, one more day living with stiff, sore and slow?

It’s time to get FIT & FUNCTIONAL!