How to Treat Forward Head Posture

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Forward head posture occurs when your neck slants forward, placing your head in front of your shoulders. It’s caused by bad habits, such as spending long periods sitting at your computer or looking down at your cell phone. Forward head posture forces the muscles in your neck and back to work harder to keep your head upright.

When dealing with this “new posture” of today. I treat it similarly to treating whiplash. I address the scales which is a group of muscles located on the side of the neck. Originating from the neck vertebra, they run all the way down to the first rib. The primary purpose of the scalene muscles is to laterally flex the neck (i.e., to tilt your head sideways).

How to perform a Scalene Release
1. Locate your lateral scalene by placing your fingers right above your collarbone, halfway out to your shoulder. There you should feel the muscle attachment of the scalene.
2. Hold down the muscle and bend your head to the opposite side. …
3. Do this combination of movements until you feel the muscle release.

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