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“I’ve been frustrated for a while because I wasn’t able to move my body the way I used to. Thanks to the L.I.F.T Program, life is different now. I’m eating the right foods, feeling good and have a ton of energy!”
Jessica Alvarez (via Facebook)
If you’re waking up tired, in pain and not happy with the amount of weight you’ve put on.  Listen up, because we got good news for you. Your weight and posture don’t define who you are as a person.
But first, let’s face it; your current physical condition is not where you envisioned it would be postpartum. You’re feeling less and less confident in your daily performance.
After all, we’re sure you’ve come across at least one person in your life who just oozes confidence, joy and a love of life, despite not having the “perfect” body, right?
But even though you recognize that you’re more than a silly number on the scale, or the person in line getting their medication.
Deep down you know you’d feel better if you lost a few pounds and started living a healthier life.I’m sure you have tried… failed… tried… and failed to lower that stupid number so many times – it’s become a powerful force in your life, even if you know it shouldn’t matter.


As a Health Coach. I’ve literally worked with thousands of busy mothers who are going through the same thing as you. Take Stashia for example.  In her own words, “It seemed like I gained 30 pounds overnight!”  She figured her joint pain and poor posture correlated with her weight gain from her two children. Stashia just ate whatever came her way and had no idea about how to eat.  She felt less than confident in her performance at work. Which caused her productivity to suffer.
She was so confused about what to do. Stashia was ready to give up.

How could I forget about Kyana

She has three children. She was so upset with herself because she had not had the time or patience to get rid of her “post-pregnancy pooch.”  She had tried weight watchers and detoxes. Pretty much any and everything you could imagine losing her baby weight.
She wanted to find a way to fit exercise and nutrition into her busy lifestyle. But not take away from her lovely family.

3 Steps to Becoming Healthy

Yes, you’ve tried programs in the past (we all have!), but there was something missing.
It wasn’t your fault that the results didn’t stick. Your approach just wasn’t quite right. Here’s what you need to do…

Step #1: Stop trying to find the answers on Google.

You will confuse yourself into thinking you have some terminal illness. You will find valuable GENERAL information on the net, for sure.
But, this information doesn’t relate to you and your condition.You will find a bunch of conflicting information that will just leave you confused and give up quite quickly.

Step #2: Start Planning

If you leave your meal choices to chance, I can tell you exactly what you’re going to eat: You will eat what you usually eat because following your habits is the path of least resistance.
Convenient eating seems less stressful in the moment, but the impacts of a poor diet create more stress down the road. Planning to eat differently is the only way to break free from old habits.

Step #3: Stop doing it alone

Over 72% of people who give up on their healthy diet say that it was because they “messed up” and then gave up.
Aiming for perfection is stressful and is unrealistic. Don’t let missteps throw you off your long-term plan. Instead, surround yourself with supportive people and a coach who will help you stick to your plan even on those not-so-perfect days.

Would You Like Help Making These 3 Steps Really Easy?

We know it can seem overwhelming to figure things out on your own. It can take a lot of time (that you don’t have!)
To help, we created the online L.I.F.T program.  In it, we guide busy moms just like you who are serious about making a change and who want things to be different this time.
Here’s what the program is all about.

Why Should You Choose Me As Your Coach?

I get it.
There are a LOT of programs out there. There are a LOT of promises being made, many of which go unfulfilled and can leave you feeling pretty frustrated. We see these too!
And that’s why we invite you to journey WITH ME. I don’t want you to do it alone. I want to be part of your success story. So, before you say YES, I’d like to introduce ourselves so that you know who you’ll be working with…
My name is Michael Jones and I’m a Health Coach & Author who helps busy moms with weight loss, fatigue and lower back pain. To tighten their core, end low back pain and regain energy to take on whatever life throws their way. I’ve worked in Physical Therapy and Rehab for over a decade as a Massage Therapist and PTA. Helping women to rebuild their core and manage weight. I put this challenge together to make it easily accessible for people, just like YOU. Who suffer from weight, fatigue, and stiff muscles. To adopt a more PHYSICAL lifestyle that will ensure them more energy, less pain and to finally be able to manage their weight!

What Happened to Stashia and Kyana?

I can’t believe it. I lost 32 lbs! I’ve been going hard with the L.I.F.T. I finally know what it feels like to have a strong core. I got better posture, my joints don’t crack. I just feel damn good! -Stashia
“Bye, Bye Post Pregnancy Pooch!”  I feel confident wearing my tank tops again. I lost 12 lbs and my arms look great.
I even was able to climb Mount Shasta. I know I could not have done this before.
My mind feels sharper and clearer. I even have enough energy to keep up with my babies!!!  -Kyana
Stashia and Kyana are just a few who have changed their lives with L.I.F.T. Here are some more amazing people who found success…
I had horrible posture and chronic back pain. I knew I needed to get my health together so I could increase my productivity at work.The L.I.F.T wellness plan that included exercise, meal planning, and stretching. Made it very easy for me to follow. I’ve told many of my co-workers and friends about this program. Mike really knows how to get your body together!       – Laurie
I talked to Mike about my goals of getting in shape and how much I wanted to hike again. This program suited me perfectly. I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to eat or which exercises to do at the gym. I lost 10kg and was able to finally take my daughter to the caves in Bali, Indonesia.

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