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Is This You?
Have you been dealing with chronic neck and shoulder pain, poor posture, or limited range of motion?
Don’t Worry – You Are Not Alone!

Welcome to Pain-Free Me

Pain-Free Me is a revolutionary pain management program to help end your chronic pain, limited mobility, and poor posture
This isn’t a Yoga class. Pain-Free Me is revolutionary posture perfecting exercise program which consists of  a mix of:
This program was created for those who are dealing with:
End Chronic Pain, Improve Posture and Increase Mobility Today!
Mike, you are the man!!! With the stretches and exercises Mike taught me, and paying more attention to my posture, has made a huge difference. So I wanted to say thank you! I saw many healthcare professionals but you have been the best. I really know how to manage any aches and pains that come my way. I'll do my best to stick with what you taught me. Again, thank you! You've helped me tremendously.
*individual results may vary
Sean Burley
Boulder, Colorado
I attended one of Mike’s Pain Free Me classes in Costa Rica. After that, I was hooked. I then purchased Pain Free Me and Healthy Body online programs. It was awesome. It was like having Mike with you 24/7. I’ve noticed my posture has improved dramatically. I actually have a flatter stomach (which I thought was impossible) and I can run around the park with my two sons, which I haven’t been able to do in such a long time. I’m a believer in Mike and what he does. Thanks Mike!!!!
*Individual results may vary
Kyana Miner
Atlanta, GA
I have been working with Mike and his Body Sustainability program. I had horrible “tech posture” and nerve impingement in my shoulders and low back. Michael put together a self-care plan that included exercise, meal planning and stretching. I have learned so much about how to take care of my body and how to eat to be pain free. I’ve referred many of my co-workers and friends to Mike. He really knows how to get your body together.
Joseph Yo
San Franciso, CA

No need for expensive gym membership or heavyweights

Pain-Free Me (14) gentle exercises videos utilize your own body weight and resistance as the perfect weight bearing instrument to get you the PAIN BUSTING results you desire.
Pain doesn’t have to be a constant factor in your life. Learn how to manage it today. So you can get back to doing the activities you love…Priceless!
When you feel good, you can accomplish more!!!

It’s time to be Pain-Free!


The Pain-Free Me method restores the body back to its designed posture, alleviating pain and returning you back to an active, pain-free lifestyle.
You will receive (14) corrective exercises videos target your areas of discomfort (hips, back, and shoulders). These videos will show you how to stretch and strengthen your body to return it to its musculoskeletal balance so you can live Pain-Free!
The majority of my clients feel different after their first session!  Most people didn’t get into their current position overnight, and they won’t get out of it overnight. Living Pain-Free is a process, but one with a high success rate.
We ask that you do your exercises at least 3 times a week.