Sitting too much while working from home? Follow these steps to get more movement in your day

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Working from home has forced us to make some pretty abrupt changes in our daily routines. We have the best intentions to meet your daily step goals. It can be harder to do when you’re spending more time in the house. Working from home has increased our risk of sitting disease.  We are sucked into a more sedentary lifestyle when you don’t really have anywhere to go and the couch is literally right there.


When you’re spending more time in the house, getting in 10,000 steps can be a bit challenging. These tips and tricks will help get you there.


  1. Set an alarm to stand up. Because of Covid, we have evolved to be sedentary. Technology has made it all too easy for people to spend their lives moving from car seat to office chair. Standing is Paramount for our health. Standing relieves some of the pressure on the spine. When you sit down your core muscles relax putting all the stress on your (lower) spine, this causes frequent back pain and the so-called ‘Tech Neck’ and ‘ihunch’. Stand as much as you can…whenever you can. Walking, stretching and exercises burns 3-5 times the calories than sitting does.


  1. Drink more water: Several studies have shown that even mild dehydration in men can lead to increased fatigue and anxiety. It can also negatively affect memory and cognitive performance.  Similarly, other studies showed that slightest dehydration in women can cause decreased concentration, depression, headaches, or migraines. The simplest tip which unfortunately is the least practiced by office workers is keeping body fluids replenished by drinking water regularly to perform better mentally as well as physically. Lastly, you will have to urinate more. Forcing you to get up

  2. Alternate your office chair. Sure, your chair should be (for the most part) ergonomically correct. Who’s to say that you have to sit in that chair all day, though? Swap out your chair for an exercise ball that you can use at certain times of your workday instead. You’ll be exercising your core and leg muscles without even realizing it as you work on those expense reports. For an even bigger benefit, take your laptop with you; place it on your kitchen counter (or any other high shelf) and work while standing up.

If you are ready to improve productivity and be more comfortable as you work from home. Shoot me a DM to set up your virtual posture screen. So, we can make your desk more Ergonomically sound.


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