The High Performance Coaching Program is the only 1-on-1 program for entrepreneurs, who want more energy, better sleep and mental clarity.

This 3-month coaching program is for entrepreneurs who are ready to attain work/life balance and take their health and business to the next level.

Do you desire to:


Increase your flexibility


End Chronic Pain


Beat Fatigue

To get there you need to:

1) Stop trying to live a one-sided work only lifestyle

2) Escape the rat race your inadvertantly created in your own business

3) Take an acoountability for your work

The problem is we’re too busy creating innovative business products and giving relentless dedication to growing our business. We become less aware of our health and behaviour how it triggers unhealthy conditions.


Take accountabitlity for your health

As an Executive Health Coach, I work with driven entrepreneurs dealing with fatigue and sleep depravation. I help them to achieve work/life balance and regain the energy and confidence to live life to the fullest.


My story of entrepreneureal burn out

I too lived an unbalanced lifestyle. I was the king of 3am emails. I typically put in 12 hour days/6 days a week. I didn’t know how to shut myself/business off.

The role of entrepreneur was literally killing me!!!

After many stressed out days, sleepless nights and a wake up call trip to the hospital. My driven nature to succeed got me to the point of complete physical & mental BURNOUT.


I knew things had to change. I needed help balancing this crazy on the go lifestyle of mine. I realized if I’m not getting enough quality sleep. My work, business, health, employees suffer and ultimately my clients would suffer.


Luckily, I had a diverse background in Stress Management (I was a Massage Therapist and Health Educator for 8 years) I knew all to well how physical and mental dis-stress wreaks havoc on the body.


I began putting together a dynamic lifestyle manage plan that would reverse my slow, sluggish, unfocused days to one’s filled with vibrant energy, stamina and clarity of mind.


With the use of Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep Therapy and various lifestyle modifications; I created a fool proof Work-Life Balance program that can fit into any busy entrepreneurs lifestyle.

My High Performance Coaching program will accelerate and enhance your productivity level and put an end to the negative effects on both your business and personal life.


1) I will help you to regain the energy and stamina you need excel in your lifestyle

2) My signature program is for you if you’re done struggling with a body clock that doesn’t seem to know

3) the difference between night and day.

4) Tired of living with low energy,which has your productivity at an all time low.

5) Having brain fog,which makes it virtually impossible to make those sharp business decisions that can either propel or sink your business.

Clients have told me before starting the High Performance Coaching program they were living life feeling defeated and found it hard just to keep up with the demands of everyday life.

If you’re a driven entrepreneur looking for work/life balance so you can truly have it all.

High Performance Entrepreneur Coaching Here’s what you get:

(4) 1-hour weekly executive health coaching calls per month and unlimited email access for support.


preparing your body for high performance

  • lifestyle assessment
  • adopting a confident mindset
  • eliminating unhealthy habits (ie: smoking, too much social drinking)
  • time management techniques to help you optimize your day
  • daily personalized high performance meal plans ( 3 meals, 2 snacks) so you can perform at your optimun
  • how to eat healthy on the go
  • power posture fitness regimen. these exercises can be done in the privacy of your home or office.
  • lifestyle hacks and formation of new healthy habits


lowering stress and boosting performance

  • developing a “Sleep Routine”
  • incoporating food based supplements to bridge the nutritional gaps in your diet.
  • become stress hardy and stand up to the demands of your daily life with stress busting techniques
  • calm your nervous system with self massage techniques
  • creating a sleep inducing bedroom environment to get high quality sleep and wake up refreshed


becoming the high performance entrepreneur

  • eliminating distraction and create more time to achieve personal goals and enjoy your hobbies (im prove your golf swing and follow your favourite sports team)
  • Getting you laser focused on living the High Performance Lifestyle so you can easily maintain your results
  • Keeping motivation high when dealing with unfore seen events
  • Exceling in even stressful situation and truly stepping into becoming High Performance Entrepreneur.
  • Internalizing this new way of living and easily maintain results.
  • Eliminating self-doubt and quieting the negative voices in your head thet tells you to go back to your old self.

Your Investment in High Performance Coaching- $1800

*Payment plan available upon request


This Program Is For You….

1) If you’re a HIGH PERFORMANCE entrepreneur, always with a clear vision and looking for a brilliant work/life balance strategy laid in front of you.

2) If you’re to stop drinking 10,000 cups of coffee just to make it through the day

3) Ready to have confidence to OWN any meeting or networking event.

4) Have the energy and focus to CRUSH IT on any call or Webinar.

Working With Mike

As a High Performance Health Coach, I help driven entrepreneurs who suffer from fatigue and sleep depravation. Achieve work/life balance and regain the energy to live life with Confidence and Vigor!

My High Performance Coaching Program will accelerate and enhance your productivity level and put an end to the negative affects on both your business and personal life.

Entrepreneurs who complete this program experience:

  • Restful sleep.Waking up feeling more energized and alert.
  • Increase in Energy:Able to push past exhavstion to a whole new level of power.
  • Focus and Metal Clarity:Two of the most important factors needed for success. The more focus and clarity you can cultivate,the better you can control your impulses and make better long-term decisions.
  • More eeficient and creative ways to manage their time
  • Increase in productivity and efficiently. Many of my clients were able to make more money during product lanches with their new found combination of metal clarity and focus.
  • More stamina so you can achieve maximum PERFORMANCE in businee and life.
  • Sense of Calm. You’ll be equipped with STRESS MANAGEMENT techniques so you can take an any situation life throws at them.
  • Feeling more confident and looking good in their business suits.

I need Work-life Balance

As with most things in life, moderation is the key. People who are constantly tied to their jobs commonly deal with stress and burnout.

An overworked entrepreneur is more likely to suffer health problems, be less efficient, less sociable, and overall more difficult to work with than their healthy counterparts. This reflects in their bank accounts!

You can have it all…. really you can!

The concept of work-life balance is to have daily Achievement and Enjoyment in the four pillars of life: Work, Friends, Family and Life.

Health, Happiness, Wealth and an exciting drive for life are awaiting you.

When you find balance with work and life. You’ll be able to:

  • Look and feel more confident in yourself and business endeavors.
  • Find no excusing hitting the gym.Get that toned physic that has cluded you.
  • Spend more time with your friends and family. (PRICELESS)
  • Have more time to ENGAGE in your own personal wellbeing.
  • End mental fatigue. Clearer thinking and focus to make wiser business decisions.

A clearer understanding of yourself and business. How the correlation of the two can take you to personal and professional highs like never before.

After all, we decides to start our own business to escape the rat race and create a reality that includes:

  • Creating your dream schedule.
  • Traveling to exotic locations
  • Spending ample time doing the things you love.
  • Having more time for friends and family.Priceless.

There’s a demand of time and energy that’s required in being a successful, on-the-go professional. Unfortunately, many people start to feel the repercussions of this one-sided lifestyle when it’s already dangerously too late.

It’s time to have someone on your side that understands the mentality and lifestyle of the entrepreneur and what he or she goes through.

A Coach who can create a crystal clear and affective plan of action that anyone can implement into their busy lifestyle.

Finally…. Say goodbye to those SLOW and SLUGGISH days so you can live a life full of CONFIDENCE and VIGOR.

What I Do Differently

Identify and resolve the blocks in your health that’s not allowing you to achieve work-life balance?

Personalized Health Coaching: All programs are customized for you and your lifestyle goals. We deconstruct old, unhealthy habits and create a new blueprint to your own personal success.

Help you to develop a High Performance Lifestyle, which is the most amazing aspect in business and life.

You Can Truly Have It All

 Start to picture yourself as the most productive person in your field. How does it feel? Damn good I bet!

Such multi billion-dollar entrepreneurs as Richard Branson and Warren Buffet know all to well the stressful, long arduous process operating your own business can be.

They accredit work-life balance to their success. Despite the rewards and fulfilling benefits; it can put a strain on your mental and physical health.

If you take the time to get the balance right, you’ll have a successful business – and the HEALTH and FREEDOM to enjoy it.

Let Me Show You How to Live Pain Free!