Virtual Workspace Assessment
Still working from home? Chances are you are reading this from your cauch or dining room table.
Virtual Workspace Assessments offer solutions for your work from home back and neck pain

Virtual Workspace Assessment

“I’m finally sitting up straight…Thanks, Mike”
The second lockdown really got me. I was in the house with no proper office equipment. I started to develop really severe neck and shoulder pain. This assessment really helped me to get to the root of my pain and to reverse the unhealthy tech posture I adopted. I love my desk setup. I’m able to work longer hours with no pain.
Lannie Brooks, Atlanta, Ga
Coronavirus has left in its wake millions of employees across the globe now working from home, and potentially working from home for the foreseeable. In the US alone around 7 million people are currently working from home, and this brings huge problems supporting people with growing discomfort and pain.
Talk about a big change in my home. I was slumped over the dinning room table for 10 hours per day. This Assessment has helped me to improve my posture and making me aware of my unhealthy desk habits.

Say Goodbye to Tech Neck and Say Hello to Better Productivity

If you’ve ever stumbled out of the office after a long day of sitting at your desk and felt so stiff you could hardly walk, you’ve experienced one of the side effects of having a sedentary job.
Staying in one place for such a large portion of the day is bad enough, but it becomes even worse if you don’t assume proper posture.



People Don’t Pay Enough Attention to Office Ergonomics

You may have put a lot of thought into how your desk is arranged, but when was the last time you tweaked your chair height? Another reason individuals with desk jobs often have poor posture is they don’t make the connection between how they’re sitting and possible painful side effects.
Without intervention, you may be craning your neck, crossing your legs and sitting with your shoulders curved forward, collectively making a desperate attempt to feel more comfortable while getting stuff done.

Virtual Workspace Assessment

This body and business transformation program is for those who are ready to make real change. Those entrepreneurs who have better things to do than spend countless hours on YouTube and Google looking for “Ergonomic” furniture.
FYI….Just because it says Ergonomic doesn’t mean it is! With this program, we will dissect your current desk using AI software. To see how you are sitting and placement of your current hardware.
We put the Whole Person first….furniture second. The old ways of Ergonomic training has failed us. With over 20 million work related musculoskeletal pain cases yearly. It’s time to rethink our desk set-up.
After completing our in depth intake form and Assessment. We will put together a complete Work From Home Wellness Plan to keep you FUNCTIONALLY COMFORTABLE while you work!
No useless searching for solutions for your pain.
No more searching YouTube for answers on how to correct your posture or end chronic neck pain.
You will have solutions that work and our customized for your health and business success.

Your Virtual Workspace Assessment Includes