I create highly effective corrective exercise programs. Designed to improve posture, increase mobility, and end chronic back pain. So you can feel better than before your injury.

Are you tired of popping Tylenol to “stop” your back pain?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there in the media about back pain. This ebook reveals the secret Pain-Free methods I use on my clients. 

Many Therapists charge for this type of information. I’m giving it to you for FREE!. Get it now!

"It Feels So Good to Workout Without Pain. Thanks, Mike"


Pain kills your confidence. You're unsure of each and every move you make. You begin to ask yourself, "Will I hurt myself if I bend over and pick that up?" "If I try to work out. Will, I tweak my back" "Why do I stand like I'm an old person?"

Because of this uncertainty. You become more dormant...sendentary. You sit and watch your belly grow and the pain increases. Your muscles start to fade away and your attitude begins to change. Not to mention the countless doctor's appts. Hoping they prescribe you with the "Magic Pill" to make it go away. 

Pain becomes a vicious cycle. It limits your performance in life and work. 

Are you looking for a "sane" approach to getting rid of your back and hip pain? Recovering from injury/surgery and don't know what to do? 

Did you know correcting your posture can totally repair your body. Giving you the strength to train and move even better than you used to?  Yes, it can! 

You're probably thinking, "yea right, tried everything. But I can't seem to get the pain to go away:  

As a Health Coach, I work with professional Bodybuilders, MMA fighters and the everyday "athlete" dealing with office syndrome. What do these very different types of people have in common? Well, besides the fact they both have poor posture. They want to improve their every performance and stop ignoring the fact that they are in chronic pain. 

I create online posture correction programs for men and women who:

  • Improve Posture

  • Want to workout again without injury

  • Tired of searching Youtube for exercises to help 

  • Don't want to pop another Advil to relieve their back pain

  • Want an effective exercise routine to help get their body and confidence back

My posture perfecting online programs are accessible via an app on your smartphone and are a mix of corrective exercises and mobility routines to help you move and feel better than before your injury!

Everything you need in one place. So you can finally stop surfing Google looking for answers!

My Programs