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Are You in So Much Pain That It’s Affecting Your Relationships?

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Chronic pain is a condition that hinders busy professionals just like YOU from giving the full passion and dedication that’s needed to be  successful in relationships and in business.

As a Health Coach, I too struggled with putting my business over my health.

I was the king of a 3am emails. I would put in a good 12 hours of work/ 6 days a week. I didn’t know how to shut myself/business off. The role of entrepreneur was literally killing me.

After many stressed out days, sleepless nights and a trip to the emergency room. My driven nature to succeed got me to the point of complete physical & mental BURNOUT.

I was constantly tired, in pain and stressed out. You know, just not feeling good. I was in constant state of Fight or Flight.

When you try to live a one-sided WORK ONLY lifestyle. You put your health and physical wellbeing in DANGER!  People who are constantly tied to their jobs commonly deal with chronic pain, stress and burnout.

An overworked professional is more likely to suffer health problems, be less efficient, less sociable, and overall more difficult to work with than their healthy counterparts. This reflects in their bank accounts!

Beyond health issues, however, is the fact that many busy professionals simply want to spend more time with their families.

You don't want to....

  • Say, "No!" to your child when he/she wants to be picked up.  

  • Restrict your physical activity due to another painful "Flare-Up"

  • Limit your range of motion because if you move to fast or pick up something heavy. You'll be on your back for the next week!

As a Health Coach, I help busy professionals who suffer with Pain, Stress and Fatigue. I practice Body Sustainability with my clients. I've educate people world-wide on how to take care of their bodies so they know what to do when Pain rears it's ugly head.

We will work together to achieve work/life balance and get back to putting yourself first. Because, no one will benefit when you're constantly feeling drained or have mood swings because you're cranky from dealing with Chronic Pain.

It's time to live... It's time to be Pain Free!

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